Introduction to My Blog

We Need To Have A Word. A statement that ca evoke fear of a pending uncomfortable conversation. Through this blog, I hope that the meaning shifts and when you hear We Need To have A Word, you think of the beauty of the word.
How will I work to accomplish this lofty goal? By learning or re-learning 52 words that were picked by John R. Dallas, Jr., the author of “We Need To Have A  Word.” Seeing the demise of language, due to exploding technology, Dallas asks us to slow down and spend time with words. Additionally, the author hopes we reacquaint ourselves with their meanings, uses and misuses, so that we’re more conscious of words.
Dallas breaks the book down to a word-a-week. During the week, he suggests that the reader focus on how the word is used, misused, and even at times misleading.
For the next 52 weeks, I’m going post a blog about each word and how that particular word impacts my life. Why?  Because Dallas says in his preface that after the 52 weeks, the practice “will improve results at work, home and everywhere.”
I’m very interested at improving my life. When I’ve tried in the past, by reading many self help books that made the promise, sadly, I’ve had minimal results.
I’m scared. Scared of typos, grammatical errors, comments. Mostly, that I won’t see any improvement. In the past, I’ve stopped many projects because of fear. This blog offers me an accountable way to read a chapter a week and write a post. So, if no one reads this but me and I’m able to see the changes Dallas says, this project will be a success. Even if I don’t see the profound changes, I will have seen a project to its conclusion.
I invite you to purchase his book and read along. Or, just read the blog. I’d be pleased to hear from you, and learn how the words are impacting or not impacting your life
I welcome criticism. I do ask that you please make it constructive.
Enjoy the week.

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