A Fish Tale That’s True


I dare you to say that word

and not smile. Until I started this blog, I believed it was a feel-good word that you screamed out when something went extremely well. Actually, it’s a fish, a highly prized catch among fishermen with great Acumen.*

Acumen? Hm, let’s make it this week’s word.

Harrison Rogers has combined his fishing acumen with business and created something quite fun.

Before I get to that part of the story, I want to congratulate him on catching the prized Wahoo in Palm Beach. Isn’t it great to see how the pure joy on his face?

He told me he likes the excitement of never knowing what is on the other end of his reel. Remember that feeling? Doing something for the sheer excitement and not knowing the outcome?
What better way to to enjoy your passion than to share it? And that is exactly what Harrison is doing.

Last summer, at the patient age of 13, Harrison did just that by launching a fishing camp business called: Camp Big Ten. Catching Your Big Ten.

He learned many business lessons. The top two? People and commitment. Ten young fishermen signed up for camp only 6 showed up. And, budgeting 101. He didn’t calculate the cost of gas to-and-from the fishing sites. Even with these set backs he came out even.

Factoring these key lessons to improve his business, he immediately began planning for 2013 summer.

I think Harrison’s acumen will only grow. Of course, it may be in his DNA as his mother Caroline, and father Geoff are successful business owners themselves.

I look forward to improving my blog acumen and perhaps make some money to take Harrison to Cabo to catch the next fish on his list the Blue Marlin.

The words passion, support and perseverance should also be included in dictionary.com’s definition: a·cu·men [uh-kyoo-muhn, ak-yuh-] noun: keen insight; shrewdness: remarkable acumen in business matters. As for author John R. Dallas, Jr., he says that acumen is Wisdom, Courage and Patience Applied. Harrison exemplifies all of these.
Acumen, is there any politician out there that defines this word?  Comments please.

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