Appreciation. Keep it Simple

Appreciation. While watching the coverage of the bombing that occurred at the Boston Marathon, I felt that the most heart warming part was watching the victims as they met their heroes and thanked them.  Words were spoken, but it was the gestures and looks that silently shouted their thanks. Appreciation. A word I struggle with.

I love to be appreciated, love to show appreciation, love to watch appreciation in action. The act can turn a difficult day into a day to remember. Recently I received a simple handwritten thank-you note from Politico journalist and author Jonathan Martin several weeks after we met, it still makes me smile. I also appreciate his writing style, as he has a great technique that lets you feel as if you are there.
Yet I continue to struggle to accept and give.

Gratefully, I’m getting better at accepting. I realized that if I respond negatively to someone’s appreciation to me, I’m basically calling the giver a liar. Not nice. So, a simple thank you as a response is the best way to go.

On the giving end, I either go overboard or underboard. I struggle with the simple act of appreciation. If I become overwhelmed with work and life, often I neglect to give any appreciation. Or, I wind up sending the appreciation months or years later.

So, to my brothers-in-law Brian and Mike, thank you for all you do for me.  Mike, the free medical advice saved my life and Brian, the free life advice saved my life.You two are the best brothers-in-law, even if you don’t appreciate the classic movie, “Bell, Book, and Candle.”  I am now tempted to go on, but will refrain.

An immediate effect of mulling over a word a week, as requested by John R. Dallas, Jr, author of “We Need To Have A Word,” is my appreciation for words. When I am more thoughtful about words, magic happens.

Let me know what you appreciate and how you express it. I would love to incorporate your skills into my life.


P.S. Jimmy Stewart, for those of you of a certain age and don’t know, was the star of “Bell, Book and Candle.” A truly fabulous movie.

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